Copper Pipe

Copper Pipe
Copper pipe came into use after WWII and at times, was used for both water supply and waste water lines. Due to the high cost of the material, it has been used primarily for supply lines and even that is less and less common today.

With few exceptions, copper pipe is a very reliable water supply line material. In some pre-1980 installations a high lead solder may have been used and this may result in higher lead levels in water supply.

Installation of copper pipe is relatively easy and requires relatively inexpensive tools: a pipe cutter, cleaning brushes, a torch...And it is in the use of a torch that the installation of copper pipe has all too often resulted in house fires. Copper Pipe

An example of water supply system with some newer copper pipe and some older and leaking galvanized pipe. When copper pipe is fitted to steel pipe a special fitting must be used in order to prevent corrosion.

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