Convection Ventilation

Convection ventilation example drawing

The fact that warm air rises can be used to develop a non-mechanical cooling system. The ideal self cooling home has a high operable window, skylight or vent which allows the rising warm air to escape from the house and to "pull" cooler air behind it. This cooler air comes from a low operable window or vent located in a shaded part of the house, for example, a north wall.

This system works particularly well in tall, narrow houses, and is hardest to accomplish in wide, flatter houses such as ramblers. The shape and design of a house will dictate the best location and numbers of operable windows and skylights.

Source: Passive Solar Energy in Washington: results of the Washington Passive Solar Design/Build Competition, Washington State Energy Office, March 1982, Van and Van Horne Architects and George Guttmann, General Contractor.

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