Brick Siding

A common misconception about houses with brick siding is that the bricks constitute a structural component of the home. In most houses, brick is used as a veneer and a siding product, with the actual structure of the house being a normal wood frame structure.

Good quality brick will withstand most of the forces which deteriorate siding products. The required maintenance is mostly in the area of the mortar used to hold the bricks together. Old fashioned mortar contained very little, if any, Portland cement, and becomes very brittle over time. Such deteriorating mortar needs to be scraped out between the bricks, and new grout tuck pointed into the joints. This is a labor intensive process, often costing between $10,000 and $30,000 for an average sized home. While newer mortar material may not require such restoration as often, it may require moss control, water sealing, and the correction of any deteriorating bricks or settling cracks.