Bread and Salt

My father, Max Guttmann, was definitely not a superstitious person. But, at about 11:00 p.m. on the day my wife, my daughter, and I moved into our first home in Seattle, my dad called to find out if we had "bread and salt" in the house.

Let me explain. My parents came from Czechoslovakia - The Czech Republic. It seems that in that part of the world, one had to have some bread and salt in a home for good luck! This seems to be of special importance when you move into a home, or are welcoming special guests.

My protests had no impact on my father. While it might have been okay for my wife and I to spend the first night in a home without bread and salt, it was not possible for his granddaughter. And so, about 20 minutes later, my father drove up to the house. In his pajamas, he handed us a nice loaf of crusty bread (it must be good bread) and some salt.