The Best Way to Maintain Your Gutter System

All roofs and gutter system will need some maintenance, but with proper planing it is possible to reduce that chore to a minimum. Here is how:

  1. Keep tree limbs from overhanging you roof! Deciduous trees shed most of their leaves in the fall, most evergreens shed debris all year long!
  2. When there is debris on the roof, clean the roof with a soft broom or air blower. Don't pressure wash!
  3. Keep your gutters clean and repair them if they are loose or don't drain toward the scuppers (drains).
  4. Make sure that all the downspouts are in place and divert all the water into your drain system.


    I have looked at all sorts of "magic" gutter systems and have found very little magic in any of them. But I have now found a system that keeps almost all dirt from clogging gutters, downspouts and drain systems. LeafFilter is designed to prevent needles, roofing granules, leaves and other debris from clogging gutter systems. Its stainless steel filter is rugged and makes the removal of debris from the roof easier. LeafFilter isn't magic, its just a darn good gutter protection system.

    And so I am very pleased to have LeafFilter NW as a sponsor of The Sound Home Resource Center! - George

    And every 6 months or so, go out during a heavy rain and look at your home from all 4 sides. What you want to see is very little. You want to see that all of the water landing on the roof disappears into your gutter system.