After the remodel has been completed

At the conclusion of your remodel it’s important that your contractor and his subs explain to you how everything works and how to maintain each component. Regular maintenance is absolutely key to ensuring that your home remain a healthy place. To make regular maintenance easier, it’s helpful that you or your contractor create a chart that outlines: • Each task that needs to be done • The frequency that it should be done • Information on what materials are needed for each task (like what furnace filter to buy) • Information on how to do the required maintenance for each item • Information on where to get materials needed for each task (like where to buy the best furnace filters) • A number of columns to record when the maintenance for each item has been done

To maintain a healthy home it’s also important to keep your home very clean. It’s best to use low toxic cleaning products. It’s important to use a vacuum cleaner that uses a bag that captures a high percentage of the very small particles, such as done by a HEPA filter bag. It’s also helpful to create the practice in your home of not wearing shoes inside. Shoes that have been worn outside can track into your home many harmful toxins that may include pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and others. When buying new furniture, shelves, rugs, drapes and shades for your home, it’s important to get ones that are low toxic and easy to keep clean.