8. "I was in the neighborhood and saw that you need a new roof..."

or: "We have some leftover material from the last job. If we start right away, we can save the 'restocking charge'..."

or: "We are students, working our way through college..."

or: "We are on our way to Alaska..."

HINT: Any of these statements could be true. You might save money. Our experience suggests that it is unwise to take these statements at face value. You may end up with a poor quality job, requiring redoing.

Quality exterior house painting, for example, SHOULD involve 80% preparation time and 20% actual time spent priming and painting. THE WELL-ESTABLISHED COMPANY, THAT DEPENDS UPON CUSTOMER AND TRADE REFERRALS, IS MORE LIKELY TO PERFORM SERVICES THAT WILL LAST.

If you need a referral to a good roofer in the Puget Sound Area, you might want to use the Stoneway Roofing Supply Inc. Referral Service and if you need a referral service for various types of project take a look at the services of The Home Owners Club. Both companies have been serving the area's home-owners for decades and support The Sound Home Resource Center.