7. "My company builds new houses, remodeling will be easy for us!"

or: "In the busy season I frame new houses; rewiring your home will be so easy for me -- I'll give you a very good price."

or: "I learned how to roof houses from my grandfather, so putting on this type of metal roof will be easy for me."

HINT: Most good contractors use many specialty sub-contractors. Past experience suggests that specialists can do the job better, faster, and cheaper. The specialist has also learned how to do the job in a way in which "call backs" to correct problems are kept to a minimum.

The skills needed to build many similar houses at one time ('tract' or 'spec' building) are quite different from those needed to remodel an existing or custom home. A skilled and versatile craftsman can learn how to install many different products, however, he may not have the appropriate license, and you may be paying him for practicing on your home.