13. What Specific Issues are there for Condominium Conversions?

Answer: HB 1848 has enacted tougher inspection and repair requirements for conversion condos.

  1. Building Enclosure Inspection Required.
    1. Prior to the passage of HB 1848 no inspection of the building enclosure was required.
    2. The Act requires full inspection of the envelope, including intrusive testing and removal of siding that the building inspector believes is necessary to determine the manner in which the building enclosure was constructed.
    3. The Building Inspection report must be included in the Public Offering Statement.
  2. Report Must Include Proposed Fixes to Building Enclosure
    1. The report must include the proposed fixes, but the repairs do not have to be completed prior to the issuance of the Public Offering Statement.
    2. The requirement of reporting repairs forces converters to either perform the repairs or include the cost of the repairs in the proposed budget.
  3. Repairs required if subject to a Sale Prohibition Covenant
    1. Any repairs revealed by the inspection must be fixed if the building is subject to a sale prohibition covenant.