Thermo Ply

Structural Issues

My husband and I are hoping to build a house. The first builder we met with we noticed used Thermo ply 1/8" for the structure of the house. I questioned why plywood wasn't used, and was told that thermo ply had a better R value and was actually better then OSB or plywood. Would you build with thermo ply. I don't know why the BIA even approves this method for building it seems very cheap. Is thermo ply the new technique for building? The builder said that it doesn't cost less, but it's better and that's why they use it. I haven't signed a contract with them I am doing my research first. Thank you for your help. Your great


Here is my original (wrong) answer and a correction. Thank you Paul!

Thermo Ply is an insulation board with very little "shear value". It is superior to plywood or