Open Sewer in Basement


I just moved into a great house with a basement located in the greater Phoenix area. The basement has a full bath from which the wastewater flows to a sump pump/well type of arrangement, from which it is pumped up to the sewer lines. The problem is the odor that permeates the basement. Is there some sort of additive which should occasionally be added to the well area to facilitate breaking down the waste and cutting the odor? Is there some sort of routine maintanance/ cleanout that should be performed?


This "great house" has an unsafe sewer system. If sewer needs to be "lifted" then a sewer ejector is required. Such a pump/ ejector must be enclosed in an "barrel". When properly installed it does not and should not allow any odors to escape.

Additives etc. are not an option! Sewer gases are unsafe! and by the way, why was this not pointed out during the pre purchase inspection? (I do hope you had one).