Construction Problems in Hawaii

Pests, Wood Rot, Mold and Fungus
Structural Issues

I have recently moved to Hawaii and am looking at homes to purchase. A lot of the homes have mildew problems on the exterior, on all types of surfaces, from cedar siding to the press board type. Most of the homes have also just painted over the problem. It seems that neglect has a lot to do with it, but the older cedar homes (built in the 1970's) seem to hold up the best. Would they have used pressure treated wood? Will the mold or mildew continue to live in the siding, especially after it's been sealed over with paint? Is there any way to kill it if it has gotten into the siding? If the siding has been freshly painted, is there any way for an inspector to detect underlying mold or mildew? Would a moisture meter detect it? Is there any siding/building material that is more mold/mildew resistant than others? Is there mold/mildew resistant pai