Stripping Paint From Wrought Iron


Is there an easy way to remove old cracked paint from a wrought-iron railing? I've tried paint stripper, but it still involved scraping and it is very hard to scape the twisted uprights or the curls. I have 28 feet of railing. I used Citristrip. I applied the stripper to the whole railing (it took about 2.5 hours), then took a half hour break, and starting scraping at the oldest application. Friends of mine said that I should just apply to a small section and then immediately start scraping and using steel wool. They said to ignore the label which says to wait 20-30 minutes before scraping. Any comments?


O yes, I bet you saw the paint stripping demonstration at the county fair, (next to the demonstration of the knife that slices, dices, sings...). SORRY! this is a job which will take time, and require some testing - two types of tests:

(1) You will need to know if the paint contains lead. You will have to have a small sample tested. If it contains lead, the job will require some very careful dust control measures. See the article on lead in the home .

(2) When using a product like a paint stripper, I would purchase a small sample and test it on a small area. I think that you will find that some paint strippers work on some paint better than on others. Yes, you can try to adjust the time and method of application. Whatever you do, follow the manufacturers guidelines.

If chemical strippers don't work, there are some brush like attachments for drills. There are also: pressure washers, sand blasters, heat guns, and as a last resort, torches. Some jurisdictions restrict or prevent some of these methods.

BE CAREFUL!!! each one of these methods can have major health and safety problems. If you need some specific information, I would contact a local fool service paint store or tool rental yard. George

There Is Nothing Like "Fool" Service

I caught this in your article on removing paint from wrought iron:

"If you need some specific information, I would contact a local fool service paint store or tool rental yard. "

Where does one find these places that specialize in serving fools?? :-)

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I need a more advanced spelling program, one that is fool proof!

Thanks, George