My Furnace Makes a Loud Boom

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My furnace makes a very loud boom when it is igniting the furnace. It seems to happen more when the furnace is cold first thing in the morning or the first time it comes on in the day. The year is not on the furnace, however, I did find these numbers 13p28086. 80,000 BTU GAS BOILER. Any help that you could give me on this matter would help me greatly, for I cannot afford another furnace. Also, If you could also give me info on cleaning this type of furnace. Thank you


THIS COULD BE A VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION!!! This is not a 'do it yourself' project! You must have this furnace inspected ASAP by a local company which specializes in gas heating systems. My concern about the situation you describe has moved your question to the very top of a growing list of questions. Ask them if they can repair the system, and if not, what are the options.

You may not be able to afford a new furnace, but you can't afford a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

If it turns out that you do need a new furnace (or boiler), here are some suggestions:


(2) Find out about various heating system and fuel options. Companies which specialize in one kind of system (e.g. Gas Hot Water Heating Systems) may not suggest that converting to a gas forced air system could be less expensive.

(3) One possible temporary solution might be the installation of some wall mounted electric zone heaters which can be used to heat one part of the house while leaving other parts of the house cold. The same thing could be done with a good quality gas fireplace insert or vented area heater.

*** Caution: don't use portable electric heaters for anything but short term and temporary use. If you do use portable heaters, make sure that they are plugged into a safe receptacle. Never use an extension cord with a portable heater.***

(4)Find out if the local gas company or heating system contractors have some financing packages for new furnaces. And if they do, check the fine print!

(5)Find out if the local gas or electric utility has some special programs or financing for low income people.

Take care - George