Estimating Brick Repair - Tuck Pointing


I'm not ready to do a bid process right now but need to find out a rough estimate of how much it costs to tuck point. The basement and garage are in need of a fair amount of such work. Each probably doesn't need everything tuckpointed, but a good portion does need it, and some bricks need to be replaced. The basment is approximately 40lx26wx9h and the garage is approximately 20x20x9. Are you able to give me any kind of a rough idea how much a job like this would cost? In Omaha, NE.


I have a short and unreliable answer to your question: based upon the information provided in your question, about $20,000 - $50,000.

And now I have a longer and much more-better answer - You need to know a great deal more about the work then is presented in your question. Here are some examples of the types of things that you need to know before getting a quote for tuck-pointing:

  • Is this a brick structure or a wood frame building with brick siding?
  • Is any of the brick damage due to foundation problems? If so, what will be required to repair the foundation?
  • Is some of the brick damage due to the brick being loose? If so, tuck-pointing will not solve the problem, the brick will have to be removed and re-worked.
  • Is the condition of the brick such that it will last with good repairs or is the quality of the brick poor and not worth repairing?
  • Will tuck-pointing some portions of the brick cause damage to surrounding areas? (There are conditions when tuck-pointing one area can cause moisture changes to other areas and promote deterioration).

    I suggest that you pay a local inspector or masonry repair contractor to evaluate the brick at your home and help you with issue. My estimate is not worth much and neither will anyone else's unless such an estimate is based upon a detailed review of the specific conditions at the home.