220 volt water a heater on a a 110 V. circuit.


I just moved into a new home and found out that my Water Heater (a 220v device) is hooked up to 110 v electrical. What are the dangers of this and what is the best way to fix it ? The water heater still gives out hot water but only last for 1 or 2 showers. It is a new 40 galloon Rheem water heater. thanks for any advice paresh


Since I don't have all of the details I can't tell you exactly what could go wrong here. But this sounds dangerous!?

There is no good reason to hook up a device which is designed for one voltage level to a lower or higher voltage. This type of a gross electrical mistake also suggests that other smilar and possbily dangerous electrical work exists at you home.

Please get a licensed electrical contractor to look at the water heater and the rest of the electrical wiring in the house ASAP!