Windows in the Shower

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We are going to add a bathroom to our house. My wife wants to put a window and shelf above the tub/shower area. She also wants to put a decorative wooden strip where the tiled shelf and tiled shower wall come together, like a wooden bull nose tile piece. I told her I do not like this because every time we take a shower the water will accumulate on this shelf and potentially damage the wooden strip. Please tell me how you feel about having a wooden strip in the shower, will this eventually break down and cause trouble?


O boy! Here I go taking sides again. But when it comes to windows in a shower area, it's better to be unpopular now than allow you to end up with rot in the walls. So...

My favorite windows in a shower area are no windows. My next most favorite windows in a shower area are glass blocks which are set flush with the tile walls and are installed by the very best tile and glass block installer in your area.

I have seen some showers with vinyl windows and Corian walls, jambs and sills. The sills were sloped toward the shower and all of the joints were scribe fitted and the work appeared to have been done in a top notch manner. I will let you know in a few years if this system worked.

All other types of windows in showers require protection from a plastic shower curtain, and fanatic attention to the use of the curtain and protection of the window and trim from the shower water. - George