Advantages of a Raised Basement Floor

Basements and Crawl Spaces

Is it necessary to install a false floor in a basement before installing either carpeting, linoleum, or other floor materials? What are the advantages/disadvantages of not installing a false floor?


A well constructed raised basement floor is a good way to reduce moisture and mold problems, as well as, providing a warmer and more level floor. Treated lumber must be used to prevent pest damage. The framing must allow for venting and drainage under the floor.

A very good yard and downspout drainage system is mandatory no matter what the design of the floor structure. The concept of a dry basement is an oxymoron!

A raised floor will rob you of some headroom. For that reason, most basement flooring is installed on top of the concrete slab. In such a case, I prefer using an area carpet. This allows you to remove the carpet for cleaning and drying out. George