Adding a Basement Next To An Existing Crawl Space

Basements and Crawl Spaces

I am presently working on a new addition to our present house. however, I am perplexed about how a new basement will be added next to the current crawl space foundation.

Can you provide any help?


There are some special considerations in building such an addition:

  • How do you excavate for the basement without damaging the existing foundation?
  • How do you tie the two foundations together?
  • Are there underground utilities in the area of the work?

    Non of these issues are unique to your project.

    You may also need to revise the storm water drain system for the existing portion of the house. It may be working fine now, but it may cause some problems to the new and lower basement.

    All of these questions, and many others must be addressed by a good design and written specifications from a reputable local contractor.