Standard Practices of the Trade(s)

One of the more common, basic, and minimum construction standards. This is another way of saying that the work should be done in the way it is normally done by an average professional in the field.

Among the many other "standards of construction", the following terms are used in an attempt to define a quality of work (listed here in a rough order of quality, lowest first):

  • "to code"
  • "minimum standards of the trades" or "builder basic"
  • "standards of the trades"
  • "standards of the industry"
  • "manufacturers specifications"
  • "craftsman like"
  • "custom construction"
  • "custom practices"
  • "first class" or "top quality"

The specific application of the "standards" can't be found in any one book or list, they are just one more attempt to define expectations for a specific job.