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Here you'll find in-depth articles on topics related to the building, care, and maintenance of your home from roofs to basements, and everything in between.

The Sound Home Consultant
Questions about home construction and improvement? Ask George, he can answer your specific questions by phone or e-mail. The fees are very reasonable and the results are great!

Sound Home Glossary
Do you ever feel as if your contractor is selling you polyisocyanurate foam when what you really need is a setback thermostat? Here is a handy guide of over 100 common (and not so common) construction terms.

Soundproofing Information
Our name is a wordplay on our interest in promoting the soundness of homes, and our physical location - Puget Sound. This name has also attracted many questions regarding the soundproofing of homes. Here is some material and information on that subject.

George's House Hunting Tips
A list of tips from a home inspector with 25+ years of experience. And some tips for the Pre-purchase Process designed to help you make a more informed decision.

About The Sound Home Resource Center
Meet George Guttmann, the home improvement expert and publisher of Th